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Epos Property Consulting and Valuation Plc. is a professional company operating in Turkey and in international platforms, offering appraisal, consulting and value management services. Epos working with scientific substructure guarantee in appraisal projects achiveved significant success in International Appraisal Standards under the guiadance of Capital Markets Board (CMB) and Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency (BRSA). Epos, having global standards in real estate appraisal and consultancy, and providing fruitful moves in investments for projects it served, is one of the leading actors driving real estate industry in last 20 years with its interdisciplinar way of action.



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Added Value

Epos Makes You Winner

According to Epos, who unites scientific realism and visionary creativeness, appraisal and consultancy are an integrated business art converting dreams to consistent enterprises and profitable investments.

Making Dreams Project

Epos, who is leading actor in real estate investment in country with its think-tank experted in different fields, follows a strategy developing services in global standards and converting investments to fruitful moves.

Creating the Difference

Because Epos is equivalent to broadening horizons in real estate. Epos having an innovator perspective in services obtains objective appraisals through scientific analysis methods by adding value to investments with its professional staff and rationalist services.

How we work?




    Capital Markets Board (CMB) and Banking Regulations and Supervision Agency (BRSA), aims to minimize risks of companies by uniting International Appraisal Standards and principles of responsibility and independence.

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    geliştirme1Development service of Epos includes consultancy services in whole process from providing land and its development to construction and sale of project that will be structured in this land.

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    On-site monitoring and measurement of real estates are conducted in project area within the scope of Urban Renewal. ‘Consultancy of Project Development Process’ is provided by analyzing the most efficient and sufficient usage for the prospective project, which will be conducted in accordance with international appraisal standards and methods physically and financially.

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    değeryönetimiEpos provides professional “Real Estate Value Management” service for persons, institutions and organizations who has real estate portfolio and ensures management of these portfolios strategically by pursuing regular value follow-up through its profession gained in real estate appraisal and development since 1995.

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  • Süleyman YERÇİL - Board Chairman

    “Koray Yapı End. ve Tic. A.Ş.”
    I know Neşecan Çekici since early 2000s and it has been always a great pleasure to work with her. Since our company closely related with Real Estate issues, we made decisions considering all works, researches and analyses Neşecan Çekici conducted for us in all our significant projects, enterprises and investments. Delightedly, I saw that analyses were always on target.
  • Tarık GÜRDİL - General Director

    Kiler Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ortaklığı A.Ş.

    Our sustained works with EPOS Property Consulting and Valuation Plc for long years produced very sufficient and successful actions through their comprehensive profession both technically and socially. Epos Gayrimenkul added value to our works through not only “appraisal technique” but also their “real estate developer” vision. I congratulate 20th foundation anniversary and wish whole Epos Gayrimenkul family, in particular Neşecan Çekici, a long-term success.

  • Assoc. Prof. Ali HEPŞEN

    Istanbul University, Faculty Member
    Epos, as one of the important organizations in appraisal sector, has been contributing processes of appraisal, development and value management since its inception. I would like to express my gratitude to those who contributed to transparency of sector and qualified analysis process.
  • Mert PEKDEMİR - General Director

    Pekdemir İnşaat Taahhüt ve Tic. A.Ş.
    We have been working with EPOS Property Consulting and Valuation Plc.for more than 10 years. Epos can be summarized in a few words: brave, meticulous, pursuer, professional and reliable. It is a very precious firm with its management, staff and experience uniting most significant features in demand. Their works, which we appreciate, added significant and measurable value and vision to our works.
  • Feyzullah YETGİN - General Manager

    EPOS Property Consulting and Valuation Plc.is a reliable solution partner with its meticulous, punctual, elaborative work for developer and investor firms like us. It has been acting like a part of employer through its expert staff and intense contact. Rather than standard reports, its developer and enlightening reports are source of innovative ideas driving us to work with them.
  • Haluk SUR - Board Chairman

    Cushman & Wakefield

    In the restructuring process of Turkish Real Estate Sector, some institutions and foundations have particular importance. EPOS is one of them! In more than quarter-century, under the guidance of Neşecan Çekici, they conducted productive, hard-working, sufficient activities based on unconditional customer satisfaction with their uneventful, patient, modest, kind and elegant attitude. In this way, they contributed not only firms they worked with but also our sector in general! I wish whole Epos Family long years full of happiness, health and success.


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